Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another photo of the sign....

God is so good! God is so good! He is so good to Wilton Baptist Church!

Gearing up for the BIG weekend

Well everyone - Homecoming weekend is almost here! We are so excited with all the big plans - please join us if you can - great worship, good food and fellowship - who could ask for anything more while we are here on earth?

Don't forget the Homecoming reception is Saturday the 26th from 11:00 - 2:00 in the fellowship hall - come and see some old friends and make some new ones. The anniversary committee has gone over all the final details with a fine tooth comb and is ready to CELEBRATE 125 YEARS IN HIS SERVICE!

Homecoming worship begins promptly at 10:00 am in the sanctuary with Charles Stroud speaking, the musical group - Uplifted - singing, presentation from the Town of Wilton and the Alabama Baptist Historical Commission along with special singing by Austin Foster, Julie Johnson and Sara Whitfield. The guest pianist will be Carolyn Monk. Please make plans to attend!

Immediately following the worship service, everyone in attendance will go to the front steps of the church for the commemorative 125 photo and then upstairs to the fellowship hall for a covered dish luncheon. What a great day it will be in the Lord's house - you don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WBC Prayer Walk 09.19.09

Wish I could tell you that the weather cooperated with our plans for the Prayer Walk through the whole town of Wilton but that was not the case. However, a little rain did not stop us for a while - we left the church armed with door knocker invitations and good intentions promising to give God all the glory of the day. As we walked, we prayed over each house that we passed - not knowing the circumstances inside but knowing that our God can sustain or provide whatever they might need. We prayed for their salvation, for their homes, their children, their immediate troubles and we asked the Lord to show us how to minister to them if He desired us to do so.

Despite the rain and soggy weather, we drew closer to the Lord on that Saturday morning and we will count that as a huge success. Thank you Lord for the rain, the blessings of the day, the ability to walk the community and the spirit that we all felt as the morning ended....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The sign is here....

Here is a work in progress photo from this will note that the old sign has not been taken down yet but that is happening today provided the weather holds out....Could not wait to show you a photo of the progress though! Take a moment and give the God the glory and thank Him for all our blessings! God has been so good to us! Let us promise to use this sign to as an invititation to all who pass by it assuring them that they are welcome in the house of the Lord.

Monday, September 21, 2009

09.20.09 pm...O What A Night...

On Sunday evening, one year to the day that he preached his last sermon for Wilton Baptist Church in 2008, Brother Bert Breland returned home to friends and loved ones that welcomed him with hugs and smiles. What a special night it was as he told of how we (Wilton) had helped him and all the while we were thanking him for helping us throughout his interim stay here. Bro. Bert delivered the words from God and we listened intently and was amazed at how quickly the time flew by. Before we knew it, another great day in the house of the Lord was ending and yet we left wanting more! Now that is a wonderful day of worship!!
Thank you Brother Bert & Rene for coming back to worship with us during this 125th anniversary celebration. We will always think of you as family and we appreciate so much the healing we received during your time with us!

09.20.09 am - Hard to find the words

It is so hard to find the words to describe the blessings we received on Sunday 09.20.09 a.m and p.m. services - "AWESOME" does not seem to do it justice. With eager anticipation, Wilton Baptist Church welcomed home a fast talking, snazzy dressing former pastor by the name of Steve Johnson. He did not disappoint as he preached with the passion that we remember and we love so dearly. After first blessing us with an emotional song, Steve quickly began his sermon with tales of "Wilton time - The Johnson Way". We laughed and laughed. But all of that aside, Steve delivered the words that the Lord gave him and Wilton needed to hear. Thanks Bro. Steve & Charlotte for your dedication to Wilton Baptist Church throughout your time with us. You and your beautiful family were and still are a blessing to us!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

09/13/09 the blessings just keep coming...

The Lord is truly blessing Wilton Baptist Church right now with the messages that He is sending through our former pastors! At the 09.13.09 PM service, all the way from Texas, WBC proudly welcomed home Bro. Marion Corley and his family.

Brother Corley inspired us with a sermon from Matthew Chapter 5,commonly referred to as 'The Beatitudes'. He told of his missionary work in Columbia and of his time at Wilton. His work for the Lord has been remarkable - cant wait to read his book. He so graciously donated copies of his book to the church and even personally signed them for us last night! A few copies of the book is still available if you did not get one. He asked that donations for the book be made to Wilton Baptist Church.

Thank you Brother Corley for you dedication to the Lord and for participating in our 125th celebration!

Another wonderful day at WBC...

On Sunday morning September 13, 2009, Wilton Baptist Church welcomed home former pastor Dennis Draper who congratulated us on 125 years in His service and also issued us a challenge for the next 125 years - keep preaching the Bible. Plain and simple - the Bible has the answers and as long as WBC remains true to the Bible then we are following God's plan for us. Thank you Bro. Draper for your straightfoward words regarding the times that we are living in now. It was our pleasure to worship with you and your wife! Thank you for your service to God via Wilton Baptist Church!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

After singing their hearts out to the Lord...

these little ones were tuckered out....Sweet dreams!

A few more photos....

Austin Foster

Margie Hatcher

Are you in the crowd? If not, you should be!!! More exciting things to come as the 125th celebration continues this Sunday 09.13.09

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09.06.09 PM Welcomes Scott Bush

On the eve of Labor day, Dr. Scott Bush returned to Wilton to deliver a message about working in your day to day life as though you were working for the Lord! I, among others, certainly needed that sermon! He also told stories of his tenure at Wilton and laughter rang through the building! Another successful night of the 125th celebration! Leah Wadkins sang the special - WOW what a voice!!! Check out the pictures below.....

09.06.09 The celebration continues.....

On September 6th, 2009 Wilton welcomed home Sid Cottingham and family. Sid was pastor at Wilton Baptist during the early 1970's. He told stories of his time spent in our neighborhood and brought forth a message from God in a way that only he could deliver. This 125th anniversary celebration series continues to be such a huge blessing to us. Thank you Brother Sid for your time served at Wilton Baptist Church!

08.30.09 PM Singing

Austin and Ron Foster
Chuck & Sheila Hogge

Walt Williams
Audrey Carpenter

Wilton LOVES to sing....the photos above are some of our finest talent. It is truly a blessing to worship with these folks!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday night - 08/31 KIDS SING......

The 125th anniversary singing on Sunday night featured Wilton talent and the night would not have been complete without the children's choir! They proudly sang praises to the Lord with all of their hearts....We are so blessed with these youngsters! Thanks Kids!!!!!