Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living, Loving and Laughing.....

This past weekend was the annual WBC valentine’s banquet. Everyone who came was treated to a wonderful dinner and great fellowship! The dinner consisted of pork loin, rice, green beans and roll – all excellent!!! The desserts were fabulous (with no calories – haha) with colors of chocolate and red! Once again the chocolate fountain was a hit….nothing like pouring chocolate over bananas, cake, and pineapple – etc…..All the ladies loved it!!!

After dinner, we played a game that will go down in history as the best one for laughter!!! Each person had to write down something that no one else (other than their spouse) knew about them. Michelle Whitfield collected the papers and began to read them aloud one at a time….Our mission was to guess which person the note was about. This is when the real laughter began….Can we say TMI? Oh the things that we found out about each other….just to name a few here goes – we have one person who has no big toenails, a person who can snap their toes, another person who ate her sisters pet frog, another one collects guns, a shopaholic, a foot lover, a flute player in the marching band, a broken arm from falling out of a tree, urinated on floor furnace while sleepwalking, a women who loves all sports, scar on toe shaped like a heart, got locked in an outhouse – these are just to name a few….But perhaps the one that got the most laughs is the revealing of a distinguished member in our church who picked his toenails off and then chews on them….ewwwwww!!!

What a fun night we had of all age’s young adults to senior saints!!! Special thanks to Michelle Whitfield and her staff of young/college career students – they did an excellent job!!!

As you can tell from the title of this post – Wilton Baptist Church does a lot of living (Praise the Lord for Jesus Christ), a lot of loving (check out the photos) and an enormous amount of laughing!! What a joy it is to be a Christian – where we can live, love and laugh all because we are sure of where we are going when we leave this temporary home! If we are living, loving and laughing this much here on earth – I can only imagine the parties in heaven!!! Thank you Lord for your grace and your mercy and for the promise of heaven!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mac & Cheese & Jesus Please!!!! The kickoff is this Sunday Feb 21st - once again this year our Wilton kids are collecting boxes of macaroni and cheese for the SBA food pantry....Our goal is to have 200 boxes there on the 21st and 400 boxes collected by the end of the drive 4 weeks later.....YOU CAN HELP!!! Next time you are at the grocery store - pick up some boxes of Mac & Cheese - it will make you feel good to help others!!! Nothing like a warm bowl of mac and cheese on a cold day!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Praying, Planning and Counting...

Wilton Youth and College/Careers are buzzing right along with praying, planning and counting.....for their NEW ROOM!!! It has been their request for quite some time now to have a place in the WBC facilities that they can call their own...a warm inviting room where they can fellowship, study, and just hangout! They are on a mission to raise the money for alterations/renovations that need to happen to make some unused space upstairs become functional. Below are pictures of them counting the first deposit from their coin/change drive. Their first deposit was $103.50 and the second one was $107.00 - they collected all of that in one week!!! They are on a mission!!! You can help - save your change and bring it when you come to church - drop it in their jar - they will do the rest!!! Please continue to pray for the youth and the college/careers as they work on this project!